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Joseph Sterba
Joseph Sterba
Rotary International
District 7490


Joseph Sterba

President Elect

Claire Salviano

Vice President

Lori Mambelli 


Karen Fischer



Peter Garafano



Betty Garger '18

Bonnie Sirower '18

Vince Iannaccone '18

Roberta Farber '19

Dan Sterba '19

Erila Kaslander '19

Alberto Zelaya '20

Jennifer Williams '20

Beth Cochrane '20

Sandra Bosque '20

Past President

John G. Susani


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Vocational Service

West Point/Rotary Character Conference
Hosted by Paterson Rotary Club
Chair: (for 2008-09) Jamie Dykes

For the third year, the Paterson Rotary Club partnered with our District 7490, and West Point to host a one-day Character and Integrity building conference for local high school students. Featuring a special and inspirational keynote address, and break-out sessions facilitated by the impressive West Point Academy honor cadets.

Students and select faculty will spend the day, with Rotarians and West Point Cadets who have been trained to facilitate discussions around leadership, character and values. Students nominate themselves to give summations at the end of the day, and are encouraged to share what they learned and discussed with the rest of their schools.

Focus on The Future
Chair: (for 2008-09) Bonnie Sirower

For one-full work day, students from Paterson high schools are matched up with mentors, from a profession of their choice. These students spent the entire day with this mentor getting a taste of what that professions entails.  By working closely with the Paterson Public School System, Paterson Rotary is able to give a live learning experience to students. 

If your business would like to mentor a student for a single day, contact Bonnie Sirower at

Business During Hours

At least once per year, our members set up tables and exhibit their business services or products to promote their business to eachother.  Although, our Club makes it a point to not "sell" during meetings or at events, doing business with a fellow Rotarian is always rewarding, so Business During Hours events are held to allow networking and referrals among members.

Vocational Service is an important part of our service to the community, as well as to our Club and membership.

Vocational Service is one of the Four Avenues of Service in Rotary.  Rotary uese vocation as a means to identify and select members to join our Club. One a Rotarian, each of us represents our vocation to the Club. We in-turn must bring the values of Rotary into our profession through the way we conduct business.

Through our vocation:

1. We serve the community by providing goods and services.
2. We can instill ethics in our profession through the way we conduct our business.
3. We can assist others by donating our services or by using the knowledge we have aquired in our professions to guide others
4. We mentor others, including our employees so that they can better themselves both professionally and personally.
5. We continue our own education.

Vocational Service is a significant part of the Rotary Foundation Programs through Group Study Exchange, Rotary Volunteers, and Humanitarian Service Programs.




Meeting Time & Location Information
Thursday at 12:15 PM
The Brownstone
351 West Broadway
Paterson, NJ 07522  map it
Contact Information
Joseph Sterba, President
phone: 973-881-7300
fax: 973-881-8233
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Sometimes, parking is tight. The Brownstone is a popular location. Please arrive a few minutes early.


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